Dear Patients
Over the past few weeks we have been working hard to ensure that the practice can re-open safely for all staff and patients as and when instructed to do so. Based on the UK Government and CDO England announcements on 28th May 2020 we are now preparing to reopen from 8th June however this is on an emergency basis only and treatment options will still be limited. In order for us to safely do this, we have had to make changes to the way in which we will work and function as a practice. To prioritise the safety of all staff and patients, measures have been put in place to try and minimise non essential contact.

As soon as we are able to confirm an exact date of the practice fully re-opening as well as the nature of the work we will be able to carry out , we will let you know and we will endeavour to schedule appointments for all of those who appointments were unfortunately cancelled.

We politely ask that you do not call to book routine appointments at this stage.

Many thanks for your patience and understanding during this time however, in the meantime if you have a dental emergency our staff are still here to help. We are able to provide advice on all aspects of your dental health and arrange emergency appointments on a triage basis. Please contact the reception team directly.

Missing teeth impact on your ability to chew and often alter the way you look, giving your cheeks a sunken appearance. Our dentists will do their utmost to prevent you losing a tooth, and will explain your options and tailor the best treatment plan for you.

Sometimes a tooth can no longer be filled, so a crown is required, or it has to be removed (and a bridge or implant is fitted).

Dental Crowns

Crowns become necessary when there is insufficient tooth structure to support a filling. Teeth that are severely broken down from decay or fracture can be fully restored to proper appearance and function with a crown restoration.

Crowns have traditionally been fabricated using porcelain bonded to metal. This can lead to a dark line appearing over time at the gum level around the crown. To avoid this, all ceramic restorations with no metal can be used. We generally use this type of crown when aesthetics are important (for example at the front of the mouth or where teeth are visible when you smile)


They are an ideal alternative to partial dentures and offer a permanent solution.

Bridges can be made of porcelain bonded to precious metal however the newer materials are now much more popular. There is also an alternative ‘adhesive’ bridge that is less intrusive but can only be used in certain situations.

We will be happy to advise you further during your examination

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